What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Although there are many books, articles, and lectures on the subjects of stress and anxiety reduction, knowing how or when to utilize stress reduction techniques can be both confusing and overwhelming.  Even when you believe you know what steps to take, having the motivation to incorporate these methods into your life, day after day, can prove most challenging.

There are times when we need a little help, a push in “your right direction”.  While you are living your life, it is often difficult to see what it is you are doing that contributes to the stress you encounter.

Sometimes you need an objective voice pointing out the strengths you’ve had within you all along.


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Anxiety and
stressful events

Anxiety and stressful events can impact your life, preventing it from being all it can be. Whether it's one to one coaching or counseling, learning s...