Have you ever tried mindfulness? Research shows time and again how learning to be present in the moment, instead of worrying about the future or feeling regretful of the past, can help with symptoms of stress and anxiety. It can be very straightforward and simple; it basically involves just being. I find it so helpful when feeling overwhelmed. Here’s a tip of how to start practicing mindfulness, find a quiet place and just sit. Clear your mind as much as you can, and when thoughts come into your mind, slowly let them go. Focus on the way your feet feel on the floor, and how your hands feel touching your lap. Do you feel a breeze on your face or hear birds in the background? How are you breathing? Softly in and slowly out. This is just one of many techniques you can learn and incorporate into your day or night. Being aware of where you are, and staying in that place for awhile. Learning to manage stress naturally.