It’s Good to Be Back!

It has been awhile since I have written, and I am excited to be back! My reasoning for being gone? I decided to further pursue my degree, and I earned my Doctorate in Nursing Practice this past May. The end result is very gratifying, but did I feel that way all throughout the program? No!

Was I overwhelmed at times? Give me a BIG YES! Were there many moments of frustration, self-doubt and even wanting to quit? Why yes, there definitely were.

I specifically recall sitting on the porch with my husband and seriously contemplating if I was doing the right thing. That’s where life balance really came into focus for me in order to achieve my goal. But more about this later in upcoming posts.

While in the program, I continued to work my job as a psychiatric nurse practitioner consultant, while raising my three school-aged children. With perseverance, dedication, ability to see Big Picture, and incredible family support, I completed it. And as I’ve heard others who have gone down that road toward their DNP say before me, it was all worth it in the end.

Thank you to all who supported me and gave me the extra pushes I at times so badly needed!

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