Facing What Scares You

One of the most common patterns I see with people dealing with stress and anxiety is their avoidance of the uncomfortable.  They feel if they don’t have to deal with the situation that is creating the stress then their problem will be solved, or at least they’ll feel better physically.  This approach sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

The truth is that by trying to stay away from the things that bring about your anxious feelings, you are perpetuating those miserable stressful symptoms.  This is because by avoiding something versus facing it, you are in a way telling yourself that you really can’t handle it.  By doing this, you are weakening your resolve to face and conquer that which scares you.

No matter how long you have been practicing this avoidance mentality, you can begin training your mind to deal with circumstances differently.  Yes, it takes practice and persistence, but the beauty of it is once you handle those intimidating situations in a different way, your confidence and feelings of empowerment will soar.

Think of a way to meet head on, a situation that you otherwise would avoid.  Please send comments and let me know how you met this challenge!

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